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Molana Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi

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Molana Mian Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi was the first king of poetry in Kohsar of Circle Bakote and contributed a lot of knowledge as a Divine gifted way. He was simultaneously a teacher, a scholar of Islam and a poet of Urdu, Persian and Arabic continuously seven decade of 20th century. Hr taught three generations in Circle Bakote especially in Union Council Birote. He was the best Qur'an and Naat reciter, a highly melodious Sermon giver, a different kind of popular teacher. A lot of his verses are on epitaphs of thousand graves in Circle Bakote today in which he prayed to Al mighty Allah for forgiveness of deceased. He was eyewitness of national political events of Al Ahrar Movement of Allama Anaeyullah Almashreqi because he was also an activist of movement. He recite a poem when Quaid e Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah when he entered in Western Kohala and people of Circle Bakote, Murree Hills and adjoining areas welcomed him in 1945. He also recited a poem about independence on 14th August, 1947 at Agency Ground public meeting in Murree. He had taken part in Kashmir independence Movement in 1947-1949 with revolutionary poetic enthusiasms. His poems reflected a highly spirit of freedom words by words.

Alvi Awan of Birote and family background

Alvi Awan are non Fatimid descendants of Imam Ali, the son in law of Holy Prophet Mohammed. The were the real driver of Alvea Movement during Omayyad and Abbasids reigns in medieval Muslim History as narrated by Mohabbat Husain Awan, a Awan, a scholar of Awan tribe in his book "TAREEKH E ALVI AWAN". He further wrote that Awan tribe was guardians of descendant of Imam Sajjad, Hazrat Zain ul Abedin after Kerbla tragedy in all times and all places in Muslim and non Muslim Worlds and gained title of AWAN or helpers. They came with Mehmood of Ghazvanid as strategic think tanks under superior leadership of Qutab Shah, the forefather of Alvi Awans of Pakistan and India. Molana Yaqoob Alvi ancestors first satteled in Delhi and than scattered in all ares of India as a missionery of Islam, especially in Miawali, Punjab. They migrated to Kashmir on invitation of King Ranchan Shah or Zain ul Abedin and served as judge and scholar of Islam since five centuries. He granted Qazi Mian Abdushakoor Alvi Awan the feudal lordship in Qummikot, Jand Gran, Chaprean and other places in Muzaffarabad District where they resided permanently till today. They established writ of Islamic Law with religious schools, courts and reformed in social norms. Alvi Awan of Qummi Kot are also have active role in Azad Kashmir politics, social and others life matters. His forefather Molana Mian Qazi Mohammed Naik Mohammed Alvi, a highly educated scholar of Islam and a Sofi of his time came in Birote on invitation Kamlal Dhond Abbasi tribe in 1838. He constructed a religious school and second Masjid in Birote. He was first Imam and Sermon giver of his time and rewarded 35 Kenal of agreeland by elders of Kamlal tribe. Molana Mian Qazi Mohammed Naik Mohammed Alvi had four sons and elder was Molana Mian Qazi Mohammed Abdul Aziz Alvi and Molana Mian Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi was his grand son.
Family Tree of Alvi Awan (Naik Mohammad Aal) of Bitote.

His early age

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Molana  Alvi Birotvi hand written uncompleted praised poem about unknown person

Molana  Alvi Birotvi leading a Funeral Prayer in Birote

Molana  Alvi Birotvi was presented at 1st Nikah signing ceremony of his younger son Shahid Islam Alvi at Rawalpindi in Haji Habeeb u Rahman residance

Birote: Shahid Islam Alvi is addresing JI public meeting in 1983

Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi, 
a scholar of Deoband India
His younger brother <Read More>
Molana Mian Mohammed Haneef Alvi,
His second younger brother
Molana Mian Mohammed Abdhadi Alvi,
His younger brother
The 2nd generation of Molana Alvi Birotvi
 Adnan Alam Alvi
His grandson and son of late Khurshid Alam Alvi
Shakaib Shahid Alvi
His grandson and son of late Shahid Islam Alvi
Zohaib Shahid Alvi
His grandson and younger son of late Shahid Islam Alvi
The 3rd generation of Molana Alvi Birotvi
Musfira Adnan Alvi, daughter of Adnan Alvi